School Genies

School Genies, from School ICT, allow you to quickly and easily analyse your MIS data.

Pastoral Genie works in Excel providing attendance and exclusion analysis and Power Genie works in Power BI – allowing you to use data from multiple sources to generate dashboards that give you a deeper understanding of your schools information. 

Data Genie is a new Virtual Data Management (VDM) Service from School ICT. 

We know accurate, up-to-date information is key to driving school improvement and that there may be times when maintaining your schools data is not possible. Data Genie enables you to maintain, outsource or enhance your schools data management, ensuring best practice and continuity of your schools data management, at all times.

Power Genie is an easy to use, powerful analysis tool, enabling you to pull data from multiple sources, to create graphs and dashboards focusing on key areas such as Pupil Premium, SEN, Attendance, Staff Absence and more – helping you to understand your data and gain deeper insights into your school, revolutionising the way your school or MAT use data to assist you in decision making and being Ofsted ready.

School ICT have developed an off the shelf dashboard suite for SIMS, or we can work with you on a consultancy basis to develop bespoke dashboards for other MIS or to support your school’s specific requirements.

The Pastoral Genie provides a complete analysis of current and historic Attendance and Exclusion data for schools using SIMS, allowing easy comparison to national data.

The analysis is broken down by key groups and has been designed with Ofsted in mind. The Pastoral Genie provides analysis targeted to answer the questions Ofsted are likely to ask (and the less likely too).

It provides the information you require to provide a targeted approach to tracking.