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E1008 – SIMS Reports failed to produce parameter outputs

Published: 1st November 2019

Error Message

E1008 – SIMS reports failed to produce parameter outputs

All reports have failed to produce parameter outputs. 
Possible causes are:- 
– Incorrect SIMS credentials 
– Incorrect Server credentials 
– Report definitions not imported into SIMS 
Please check the above and try again


The Genie is not able to communicate with SIMS to extract the data needed.
Possible causes are:

The SIMS username or password has been entered incorrectly – please re-enter and try again.

The server details on the settings page are incorrect – please check by going to the Settings page and clicking “Update Settings”

There are no reports in SIMS – please ensure that the report pack that was supplied with this Genie has been downloaded and imported into SIMS.