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Initial Setup Guide

Published: 1st November 2019
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Relates to: Pastoral Genie

Once users have received the email containing the licence code and set up instructions, please click on the video below for easy step by step instructions on downloading and setting up the Pastoral Genie


Importing the Reports into SIMS

  1. Go to to download the latest version of the Genie and the Report pack. Do not open either of the files until the instructions below have been carried out.
  2. Once downloaded, make a folder called “Pastoral Genie” (or a name of your choice) and place the Genie and report pack into it.
  3. Open SIMS.
  4. Click on Reports then Import
  5. Click on “open” and navigate to the folder where the Genie is saved, highlight the report pack (file with the suffix. rptdef) and click “open”.
  6. This will take you back to SIMS where you will see 5 reports available in the list, ensure they are all selected and click “import”.
  7. Click Close. Now this step is completed, SIMS is no longer needed.

Setting up the Genie

  1. Open the Pastoral Genie.
  2. Enable content if prompted.
  3. Enable macros if prompted
  4. A popup will appear in which settings need to be entered.
  5. Using the information provided in the welcome email enter the settings.
    1. SIMS Trusted Login:
      If users do NOT need to manually enter a username and password to access SIMS then users have a SIMS Trusted Login and this box should be TICKED.
      If users DO need to enter details when opening SIMS please ensure this box is UNTICKED.
    2. Copy and paste the Server Name, Database Name, School Name and School number that are shown in the welcome email and paste them into the relevant boxes of the settings popup. Please note: if details are being manually entered that ALL information is case sensitive.
  6. Click the “Update Settings” button.
  7. Copy the licence code from the welcome email and paste into the Licence code box.
  8. Click the “Validate Licence” button
  9. Click the “Save and Close” button and wait a few moments for the genie to save.
  10. The Genie is now ready to use.