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Pastoral Genie v1.1.0 Release Notes

Published: 28th November 2019
Relates to: Pastoral Genie
## [1.1.0] - 2019-11-28

### Added
- Exclude Reception option added
- Exclude Y1-Y6 option added
- Exclude Y7-11 option added
- Option to complete analysis by 'Year' or 'Curriculum Year' added
- House selection and filtering added
- Exclude individual column added on 'Workings' sheet. (Add '1' to exclude student)
- Formatting of 'Student name' to indicate if student has been excluded
- Option to remove 'Traveller Absence' from attendance anlaysis

### Changed
- YTI and Year group now visible on 'Workings' sheet
- Block on running for today removed, and replaced with warning 'W1041'

### Fixed
- Error log being output to incorrect folder
- Fixed term exclusion total not displaying correctly for registration groups
- 'N2' year being displayed as 'N'
- Columns not being wide enough to display 100%
- Yellow arrows not displaying on 'Students with Permanent exclusions'