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What SIMS Permissions do I need to run the Pastoral Genie?

Published: 1st November 2019
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Relates to: Pastoral Genie

We recommend that users wanting to run the Pastoral Genie belong to the following SIMS permission groups:-

  • Admin Assistant
  • Attendance Manager
  • Third Party Reporter


The specific minimum permissions required are:-

  • Reports,Run
  • School Management, Home School,View (All)
  • School Management, School Diary,View (All)
  • Special Educational Needs, Student SEN Details,View (All)
  • Students, Additional Information,View (All)
  • Students, Attendance,View (All)
  • Students, Basic Details,View (All)
  • Students, Dietary,View (All)
  • Students, Ethnic/Cultural,View (All)
  • Students, Financial Details,View (All)
  • Students, Registration,View (All)
  • Students, School History Information,View (All)
  • Students, Welfare,View (All)
  • Students, Welfare, Disabilities,View (All)
  • Third Party Reporting,View (All)


We have also produced a SIMS permission group with the above permissions that you can import this into SIMS and add the staff members to it, giving them everything they need to run the Pastoral Genie. (See below to download) Please note, this group also contains the additional permissions below in preparation for future developments:-

  • Students, Conduct, Achievements, View (All)
  • Students, Conduct, Behaviour, View (All)
  • Students, Conduct, Detentions, View Detention Type (All)
  • Students, Conduct, Exclusions, View (All)
  • Students, Conduct, Record, View
  • Students, Conduct, Report Card, View Report Card Template (All)