Pastoral Genie

The Pastoral Genie provides a complete analysis of current and historic Attendance and Exclusion data for schools using SIMS, allowing easy comparison to national data.

The analysis is broken down by key groups and has been designed with Ofsted in mind. The Pastoral Genie provides analysis targeted to answer the questions Ofsted are likely to ask (and the less likely too).

It provides the information you require to provide a targeted approach to tracking.

“As the behaviour and attendance lead in a school I have looked for numerous data packages which can enable me to provide feedback to key stakeholders. GENIE is by far and away the best I have come across. It is simple to use, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly 100% accurate. I used this package to provide data for our most recent OFSTED inspection and it provided information on every aspect of the behaviour and attendance discussions . I would highly recommend GENIE to any colleague.”

Gavin Kumar

Assistant Vice Principal, The Vale of York Academy

Designed with Ofsted in mind

Just some of the questions answered:-

  • What percentage of your SEN Students are persistent absentees?
  • What was this percentage last year?
  • What percentage of the School’s absence is attributable to the persistent absentees?
  • What percentage of your students received 2 or more Fixed Term Exclusions?
  • What is the total number of days that students were excluded?
  • Who are the FSM Ever6 Students that are persistently absent?
  • What impact do the persistent absentees have on school absence?

Making your wishes come true

SIMS reporting has never been this easy! Just enter one date range and let the Genie work it’s Magic.



Analysis of Attendance and Exclusion Data


Analysis by Key Student Groups


Comparison to National Data


Hours of Time Saved!

Detailed Analysis

A detailed look at Attendance and Exclusion information by student characteristic and compared to National.

Graphical Dashboard

A clear visual summary of all your data broken down by student characteristic.

Half Term by Half Term Analysis

No need to run the Genie for each half term. We provide a half term by half term breakdown.


Live Filters

Quickly apply filters, change the PA Threshold or remove an attendance code and have the full analysis update.

Take a Tour

Graphical Dashboard

Provides a clear visual summary of all your data broken down by student characteristic. This can be easily filtered to provide an analysis based on a key group. 

This includes:-

  • School Absence by Student Characteristic
  • Persistent Absentees by Student Characteristic
  • Traffic Lighted Summary of a School to National Comparison
  • Authorised vs Unauthorised Absence by Student Characteristic
  • Proportion of School Absence by Student Characteristic
  • School Attendance and Persistent Absentee Half Term breakdown by Student Characteristic

Watch the video below for more information.

Detailed Analysis

All analyses are broken down by key student groups. Including Gender, FSM, Ever6, Pupil Premium, Looked After, EAL, Young Carer, Bursary, SEN, Ethnicity, Year and Reg Groups.

The analysis can be run for any date range within an academic year and provides an indepth look at attendance and exclusion data. The Analyses is updated when filtering on a Year group, enabling the whole genie to show key groups within a specific year group.

National tables are included, with all school data being compared against these and “traffic-lighted” to enable a clear view of problem areas.

Half Term Analysis

The Genie uses your SIMS calendar to provide a Half Term by Half Term analysis. This remove much of the need to run separate analysis for each half term.

The student groups used reflect the group as it was within each half term, for example if a student becomes SEN ‘K’ in HT4 they would be counted as such in HT4 but not in previous Half Terms.

Live Filters

ttStudent filters are applied live, as a result all figures and charts will update to reflect the chosen options. Using these options you can restrict which students are included within the analyses. Student Characteristics you can filter by include:-  Year group, Curriculum year group, House, Gender, PP and SEN. You can also remove your Persistent Absentees, Leavers or Excluded Students.

If you have individual students you want to remove this can also be done from the ‘Working’ Sheet, and again all analysis will update live.

The PA Threshold can be changed and all PA figures will update in real time to reflect this change, including charts.

Attendance options allow you to exclude a particular attendance code. For example if you wanted to see what affect absence due to Holiday has had, you could tick to exclude the F,H and G codes. The Genie will then treat these as attendance not required and completely ignore them from the calculations.

Why not give it a try…

You can downlaod a pre populated demo version of the Pastoral Genie as see exactly what it can do for you.

What do schools think?

Pastoral Genie is an amazing piece of software.

Data analysis and reporting on attendance / exclusions that used to take a number of hours to complete, can now be done in a fraction of the time, literally minutes!!  (Just don’t tell SLT you have some spare time now).

Mark Johnson

Information, Data & Exams Manager, Sir William Stanier School

The Pastoral Genie product has saved countless hours!  Instead of using many pre-set reports, both within and outside of our Management Information System, and then trying to marry them all to produce concise pieces of attendance and exclusion analysis, the Genie does it all in one, easy to use application.  The ability to amend searches on all or specific year groups, plus key cohort indicators means that all the information is in one place and is easily adaptable.  It also works retrospectively with is invaluable for comparison analysis between different academic years.  Furthermore, it is also easy to extract data and save into various output formats, which again is useful on a practical level.  I look forward to seeing how the product develops and will be using it within our academy for the foreseeable future.  Thank you School ICTs for making the time to produce the Pastoral Genie, it certainly is magic!

Rosie Cosgriff

Data Manager, Manchester Enterprise Academy

I was dubious about this at first. A trial linked to SIMs reports, (we know how easy they are to use!?!?!), but was pleasantly surprised from the start.

A great asset for our Leadership Team who use it regularly for data reports. 

All that information in one place, in one report, in an easy to read format.

Helen Askham

School Business Manager, Lane End Primary School.