Power Genie Dashboards

Bring your data to life with Power Genie from School ICT.

Using Power BI reporting, Power Genie is a data analysis tool that allows you to: –

  • Bring data from multiple sources together in one dashboard, connecting your data to gain deeper insights to help you to make informed decisions
  • Create dashboards in minutes without the need to run complex reports, saving you time
  • Easily drill down into pupil level data
  • Gain key insights into pupil level data, as well as school level data, all in one place
  • MAT dashboards allow you to monitor and compare performance across your whole trust
  • Access from anywhere with internet connection – without the need to log into SIMS

“Power Genie has been a fundamental part of streamlining and consolidating our SIMS data reporting. The Staff and Student dashboards have been distributed to senior leaders in our Trust schools and gives them near real time reports and analysis tools that we previously didn’t have. It’s been a big step forward for us in how we present data to Trustees.

Throughout the whole process School ICT have been excellent, from the design of the dashboards, additional feature requests, through to the process of collating data from multiple SIMS servers. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and knowledge. We are looking forward to further developments in Power Genie and in continuing to work with School ICT as a long term strategic partner of the Fallibroome Trust.

Andrew Harris

The Fallibroome Trust

Designed with Ofsted in mind

Just some of the questions answered:-

  • Quickly and easily answer commonly asked questions
  • Works for both individual school and at MAT level
  • Brings together complex data, ranging from attendance to vulnerable groups and staff data
  • Realtime updated data without the need to run and import complex reports manually
  • Shows a summary overview of data as well as having the ability   to drill into the detail
  • Latest national statistics data included in the dashboards
  • Ability to connect to other data sources
  • Set your own date ranges across the suite of dashboards

Making your wishes come true

Solutions delivered through Microsoft Power BI.


Easy to use data analysis tool


Create powerful dashboards, charts and graphs


Drill down to student level information


Provide better data to drive better outcomes


Dashboards for individual schools as well as MAT's


Data can be updated several times per day

Click the bottom right arrow on the above dashboard to expand the view and enable you to and scroll through example data.

    School Overview Dashboard

    The School Overview dashboard provides a holistic view of your MIS data –  helping you to understand and analyse your pupil data.

    • Understand key information across your school or MAT including attendance data
    • Drill down to individual student, class and year level data
    • Save time producing and manipulating your own reports with our easy to use, out of the box solution
    • Allows for a proactive approach to interventions by identifying trends overtime
    • Analyse different cohorts at the same time such as at key stage, reg. group, year group or vulnerable group

    SEN Overview Dashboard

    The SEN Overview dashboard provides a holistic view of your SEN data –  helping you to understand and analyse your data to make informed decisions and providing key insights into your pupils.

    • Focused analysis on your SEN cohort including attendance data
    • Groups students’ needs by key stage
    • Analyse SEN data against key groups such as PP, FSM and ethnicity
    • Focus on individual SEN students whilst still having visibility of the overall cohort
    • Create quick sub cohorts within the report without the need to re-run the data

    Click the bottom right arrow on the above dashboard to expand the view and enable you to scroll through example data.

      Click the bottom right arrow on the above dashboard to expand the view and enable you to scroll through example data.

        Staff Absence Dashboard

        The Staff Absence dashboard gives you a holistic view of staff absence across multiple time frames enabling you to: –

        • Check data quality across the school or MAT, such as highlighting if working days lost have not been accurately recorded
        • Drill into patterns of staff absence
        • View individual as well as groups of staff absence
        • View individual staff information with the ability to look at absence by service term and individual role
        • View not only the working days lost but also the number of absences and number of staff absent over a date range